What Is EtherFlyer?

What Is EtherFlyer?

EtherFlyer is a decentralized Ethereum exchange platform that will allow all kind of Ethereum wallets to partake in the trade. The trading platform will work through some technologies which meet the latest software development required to have a trading system. The system will adopt a hardware-accelerated and an efficient memory matching model which facilitate order-making and order processing peaks for the trader. The values for the heights are more than the typical average standards, and this means there is a full guarantee of no delay or lag during any order process while trading on the market. Consequently,EtherFlyer can support more trades per second in real time compared to other forms of exchanges

How EtherFlyer Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform Works

The exchange platform comprises of different smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. Each contract interacts with the rest of the ecosystem to allow users to make trades. For any exchange to take place, each user will need to enter the trade information and send the intended funds to their respective parties. Additionally, the trading framework supports a digital currency, TCASH. The utility token is ERC20 crypto operated and distributed by the platform. And as a means of expanding their reach, EtherFlyer also have an EOS platform to support more mainstream tokens within the blockchain.

The Basics Of EtherFlyer

  • Open-source- the EtherFlyer Exchange domain source code is open to the public through the MIT license requirements
  • Works for Ethereum tokens– EtherFlyer intends to allow only the trade of Ethereum-based tokens. In the future, the platform plans to have more assets to form transaction pairs
  • High-performance order matching engine- the order matching engine combines and processes millions of trading order within a sub-millisecond latency.
  • Decentralized- EtherFlyer’s structure works on a peer-to-peer trading model with a deterministic nature of the contracts

Benefits Of Using EtherFlyer

  • Incentives and bonuses for token holders and traders
  • Diverse transactions- EtherFlyer supports transactions through cross-chain exchanges, cryptocurrency cities and other kinds of blockchains.
  • Transparency- the decentralized nature allows users to monitor any transaction
  • Revenue sharing- token holders get a 50% revenue fund from EtherFlyer as a relief from the transaction fees.
  • User power- the devolved structure allows users to have control over their identity, funds, transactions and any other personal details
  • Convenience- EtherFlyer has a simple user interface for users to start trading. Not to mention, mobile applications present for smartphone EtherFlyer users.

Is EtherFlyer A Commendable Exchange?

There isn’t much difference with EtherFlyer form other typical exchanges. The standout feature of the platform is their point of focus on Ethereum-based assets. Additionally, EtherFlyer looks to be borrowing a lot of their developments from already existing ventures. While this might seem minor, it usually goes to show the amount of effort the developers are putting in the project. Consequently, this project has little to show regarding their potential or their plans. That means for any wise crypto investor; it would be safer to avoid getting trapped in projects such as EtherFlyer.

Etherflyer Conclusion

In many ways, EtherFlyer identifies as a standard exchangeΒ platform for crypto traders. However, for EtherFlyer users need not deposit their funds with a centralized platform to begin trading. The unique feature makes it a substantial crypto exchange. However, this is not a basis for financial investment advice as the blockchain is highly volatile and still mostly unregulated.

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